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Obtaining the Signal Pearl

You obtain the Signal Pearl which allows you to call your Adventuring Fellow after completing the following quests (in order):

Adventuring Fellow Names

When completing the quest Unlisted Qualities, you have the following choices to name your Adventuring Fellow. This is the first step to determining what your Adventuring Fellow will look like.

Hume Hume Elvaan Elvaan Tarutaru Tarutaru Mithra Galka
Feliz Amerita Chanandit Armittie Balu-Falu Cupapa Fhig Lahrv Durib
Ferdinand Beatrice Deulmaeux Cadepure Burg-Ladarg Jajuju Khuma Tagyawhan Dzapiwa
Gunnar Henrietta Demresinaux Clearite Ehgo-Ryuhgo Kalokoko Pimy Kettihl Jugowa
Massimo Jesimae Ephealgaux Epilleve Kolui-Pelui Mahoyaya Raka Maimhov Mugido
Oldrich Karyn Gauldeval Liabelle Nokum-Akkum Pakurara Sahyu Banjyao Voldai
Siegward Nanako Grauffemart Nauthima Savul-Kivul Ripokeke Sufhi Uchnouma Wagwei
Theobald Sharlene Migaifongut Radille Vinja-Kanja Yawawa Tsuim Nhomango Zayag
Zenji Sieghilde Romidiant Vimechue Yarga-Umiga Yufafa Yoli Kohlpaka Zoldof

Adventuring Fellow Face

There are eight faces for each race and sex combination, and two hair colors for each face. When you speak with Kuah Dakonsa during Unlisted Qualities, she provides a list of appearances for the selected race/sex of your fellow. This list shows numbers from 1 to 8 with A and B for each number, with numbers being the style and letters being the color. You use this list to select the appearance of your NPC. You can select an option to view it or cancel the selection and choose another. See Adventuring Fellow Faces for more information.

Adventuring Fellow Personality

There are twelve personalities, six for each gender. Your fellow's personality determines their dialogue in the field, at Rendezvous Points, and during quests, as well as their headgear options. The personalities are:

Metamorphose Balsams and Metamorphose Perfumes temporarily alter personality, but only on the field.

Leveling Up Your Adventuring Fellow

  • Your Adventuring Fellow will obtain a baseline experience point rate per hour.
  • Your fellow obtains experience points from defeating targets that would theoretically Check as Easy Prey or above to him or her. In other words, the experience points gained by your fellow are based upon your fellow's level relative to the target and not yours.
  • Your fellow remains with you for a certain number of kills or a certain length of time, whichever comes first. The number/time increases based on your Adventuring Fellow Bond, starting at a minimum of 50 kills/90 minutes and increasing to a maximum of 100 kills/180 minutes (see Adventuring Fellow Bond below).
  • You can call your Adventuring Fellow in most zones. To call him/her in Wings of the Goddess zones, you must use the Cavernous Maw in Sauromugue Champaign (S) and view a cutscene (only need to do this once).
  • Currently you cannot call your Adventuring Fellow in the following areas:
All cities, including those in the past
All battlefield zones
All ferries and airships, including Manaclipper and Phanauet Channel
Restricted Regions:
East Ulbuka Territory
Ruins of Alzadaal
The Adoulin Islands
Restricted Beastman Strongholds:
Ghelsba Outpost
Altar Room
Monastic Cavern
Qulun Dome
Arrapago Reef
Beadeaux (S)
Castle Oztroja (S)
Castle Zvahl Baileys (S)
Castle Zvahl Keep (S)
La Vaule (S)
Assault-type dungeons:
Ilrusi Atoll
Lebros Cavern
Leujaoam Sanctum
Mamool Ja Training Grounds
The Ashu Talif
Everbloom Hollow
Ghoyu's Reverie
Ruhotz Silvermines
Formerly level-capped areas from Chains of Promathia:
Riverne - Site A01
Riverne - Site B01
Promyvion - Vahzl
Phomiuna Aqueducts
Other restricted areas:
Beaucedine Glacier (S)
Xarcabard (S)
Dragon's Aery
Hall of Transference
Hall of the Gods
Conditional Areas:
You can call your Adventuring Fellow in Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Holla, and Promyvion - Mea by examining the Rendezvous Point with an KeyItemEmptiness Investigation Note in your possession. However, Signal Pearls and Tactics Pearls do not function in those areas. Fellows cannot enter Promyvion spires.
  • You cannot call your Adventuring Fellow when you are in the middle of an NPC escort quest, but you can call him/her after the NPC disappears. If you are doing an NPC escort while in a party but you were not the one to activate it, you can call your NPC.
  • You cannot call your Adventuring Fellow while under Level Sync or a Level Restriction.
  • If you enter a town with your fellow, he or she will disappear and will not reappear when you leave town.
  • You can talk to your fellow when leveling, and eventually he/she will give you a hint at how close he or she is to the next level. The message varies depending on your fellow's personality.
  • To have your fellow obtain max EXP per kill, at level 30 you must kill targets at least 4 levels higher than your fellow, from levels 31 to 50 you must kill targets at least 3 higher than your fellow, from levels 51 to 55 you must kill targets at least 4 higher than your fellow, from levels 56 to 60 you must kill targets at least 5 higher than your fellow, and from levels 61+ you must kill targets at least 6 higher than your fellow.
Target Level Difference NPC Level 30 NPC Level 31-50 NPC Level 51-55 NPC Level 56-60 NPC Level 61+
0 200 exp
+1 240 xp 250 exp 260 exp
+2 280 xp 300 exp 320 exp
+3 320 xp 400 exp 400 exp
+4 400 exp 500 exp 480 exp
+5 500 exp 560 xp
+6 600 xp
  • Here is a small list of examples that could be your targets.
  • If your fellow is getting maximum exp per kill, the following chart indicates how many kills are needed to level up.
Level Total EXP Monsters
30=>31 5800 15
31=>32 5900 15
32=>33 6000 15
33=>34 6100 16
34=>35 6200 16
Level Total EXP Monsters
35=>36 6300 16
36=>37 6400 16
37=>38 6500 17
38=>39 6600 17
39=>40 6700 17
Level Total EXP Monsters
40=>41 6800 17
41=>42 6900 18
42=>43 7000 18
43=>44 7100 18
44=>45 7200 18
Level Total EXP Monsters
45=>46 7300 19
46=>47 7400 19
47=>48 7500 19
48=>49 7600 19
49=>50 7700 20
Level Total EXP Monsters
50=>51 7800 20
51=>52 8000 16
52=>53 9200 19
53=>54 10400 21
54=>55 11600 24
Level Total EXP Monsters
55=>56 12800 26
56=>57 14000 28
57=>58 15200 31
58=>59 16400 33
59=>60 17600 36
Level Total EXP Monsters
60=>61 18800 38
61=>62 20000 34
62=>63 21500 36
63=>64 23000 37
64=>65 24500 41
Level Total EXP Monsters
65=>66 26000 43
66=>67 27500 46
67=>68 29000 48
68=>69 30500 51
69=>70 32000 54
Level Total EXP Monsters
70=>71 34000 57
71=>72 36000 60
72=>73 38000 64
73=>74 40000 67
74=>75 42000 70
Level Total EXP Monsters
75=>76 44000 74
76=>77 44500 75
77=>78 45000 75
78=>79 45500 76
79=>80 46000 77
Level Total EXP Monsters
80=>81 46500 78
81=>82 47000 79
82=>83 47500 80
83=>84 48000 80
84=>85 48500 81
Level Total EXP Monsters
85=>86 49000 82
86=>87 49500 83
87=>88 50000 84
88=>89 50500 84
89=>90 51000 85
Level Total EXP Monsters
90=>91 51500 86
91=>92 52000 87
92=>93 52500 88
93=>94 53000 89
94=>95 53500 90

Fighting with your Adventuring Fellow

In Parties/Alliances

  • It is possible to call an Adventuring Fellow in an alliance or a party.
  • Adventuring Fellows count towards the maximum party limit, so a party cannot have more than 3 Adventuring Fellows present. However, this only applies to members in the same area, so a party of 6 can have an Adventuring Fellow in their party as long as one of the players is in a different area.
  • Every new party member, including new Adventuring Fellows, added to a full, 6-member party will kick out one of the Adventuring Fellows, starting with the oldest.

Experience Point Reduction

  • When you fight with your Adventuring Fellow you receive 30% fewer experience points. Other party members do not experience this reduction.

Situations that cause your fellow to vanish

  • Your fellow disappears when you are knocked out, get on a Chocobo, become charmed, enter an area where fellows cannot be called, or level sync.
  • Fellows come with you when you teleport or escape.
  • If you log off while your adventuring fellow is still accompanying you, he/she will reappear the next time you log on. However, when you log back in, all of your fellow's status enhancements are wiped. This also happens when you change areas.
  • If you enter a town with your fellow, he or she will disappear and will not reappear when you leave the town.


  • Your Adventuring Fellow casts level-appropriate spells if set to Healer, Soothing Healer, or Stalwart Shield, but only casts single-target spells on him/herself and you. Your fellow will not cast spells on other members of your party or alliance.
  • Your fellow loses access to lower-level Protect and Shell spells as his/her level rises. For example, if Protect IV is available, your fellow will never cast Protect, Protect II, or Protect III at his or her current level, even if Protect is needed and your fellow has enough MP for a weaker Protect spell, but not for the highest tier known.
    • Your fellow does not lose access to lower tier Cure spells in this way.

Monster Aggression

  • Fellows cannot be aggroed by monsters, but can cause them to link.

Targeting Your Fellow

  • Your adventuring fellow can be cured and buffed by other players as if it were not a member of the party.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow can be targeted for party-only buffs (such as Refresh) and is affected by multiple-target party buffs that you cast (such as Protectra), but not ones cast by other party members.
    • The macro pronouns <ft>, <stpc>, and <st> can be used to specifically target your fellow.
      • If there is a party member with the same name as your adventuring fellow, text commands will target the party member.
  • Fellows seem to be treated the same as monsters in the sense of being cast on, so it is recommended to skill up Healing and Enhancing magic on your fellow as the spells being cast on them will have the same effect as if one were to hit a high-level monster with a low-skilled weapon. It is also possible to skill up on another player's fellow, so it is a good idea to skill up on the highest level NPC you can find.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow can be used for Trick Attack to grant the damage received from striking behind a party or alliance member.
  • Your adventuring fellow is not affected by Blood Pact: Wards.
  • Your fellow is affected by Avatar's Favor effects.
  • Shikikoyo can be used on your fellow. If in battle, /ja "Shikikoyo" <ft> is how you macro it.
  • You can use Devotion and Martyr on your fellow.
  • Corsair rolls will buff your fellow as long as they are within range.
  • Your fellow is affected by enhancements you cast through Diffusion as a Blue Mage.

Experience Loss

  • Your adventuring fellow does not lose experience points when knocked out.

Weapon Skills

  • Your fellow uses Weapon Skills and can cause Skillchains.
  • Weapon skill choice is more or less random, but fellows generally favor the higher-level weapon skills. For example, Sword-wielding fellows rarely use Fast Blade or Burning Blade, but prefer Red Lotus Blade or stronger.
    • That being said, your fellow may still use even Fast Blade at lower levels.
  • If your TP is at least 50% when your fellow's TP hits 100%, he/she will wait for your TP to reach 100% to unleash a weapon skill, making it possible to skillchain. Attackers and Fierce Attackers time their weapon skills better. When your fellow's TP reaches 300%, he or she immediately uses a weapon skill regardless of your TP.
  • Your adventuringfellow has an A+ rank skill and can use any weapon skill available at his/her level (except relic/mythic/empyrean/campaign weapon skills). Consuming homemade food prepared by your Fellow temporarily gives them access to all weapon skills regardless of level.
  • By default, your fellow will not use area of effect weapon skills: Spinning Attack/Cyclone/Circle Blade/Shockwave/Spinning Scythe/Earth Crusher. However, these weapons skills can be enabled for your fellow by visiting a Rendezvous Point.

Blessed Radiance

  • Your fellow gains an ability called "Blessed Radiance" after completing Mirror Images. The ability will be used when both you and your fellow are in red (<25%) HP. This ability does a significant amount of damage and grants him/her Invincible status. It can be used once per call. After your fellow uses it, you can dismiss him/her and summon your fellow again using a Tactics Pearl to make Blessed Radiance available.

Chat Filters

  • To see the damage your fellow deals, make sure the chat filter "Damage taken by foes" is turned off.
  • To see the damage your fellow takes, make sure the chat filter "Attacks by foes" is turned off.


  • Fellows set to Shield or Stalwart Shield use Provoke to maintain enmity.
  • Attackers, Healers, Fierce Attackers, and Soothing Healers still use Provoke if your HP drops into the red.

Super Kupowers

New Signal Pearls

  • If you have recently received a new signal pearl (because you threw it away) and lose it again, you will not be able to receive another one until after Japanese midnight.


  • Like pets, your fellow will not benefit from the Samba effects used on monsters.

Adventuring Fellow Bond

  • Your bond with your fellow can be strengthened or weakened by your actions.
  • Each time you use your Signal Pearl or Tactics Pearl, your bond increases by 1.
  • Selecting the option "Let's chat" at a Rendezvous Point increases your bond by 1 once per real-life day.
    • This may no longer be correct; if you chat more than once, it seems that Bond Increases more. Roughly around 2-3 increase, rather than 1.Exclamation
    • Calling your fellow at a Rendezvous Point and select "Let's talk about appearances" incrases bond too, perhaps every option does this, more test is needed.
  • Throwing away your Signal Pearl decreases your Bond by 5.
  • Your maximum bond limit can be increased by completing the following quests:
  • The strength of your bond makes new weapons and headgear available to your fellow and increases the time that your fellow fights by your side.
Event Required Quest
00 50 90 - - - - Mirror, Mirror
05 Ability to choose Combat Styles
10 100 1 -
15 Access to Fellow Points
20 60 110 2 -
25 -
30 1 Past Reflections
35 Tactics Pearl, Picture Perfect Past Reflections
40 120 3 -
45 2 Blighted Gloom
50 130 4 - Blighted Gloom
55 3 Regaining Trust
60 140 5 1 -
65 4 Chameleon Capers
70 70 150 Blessed Radiance
75 5 2 - Blessed Radiance
80 80 180 Mixed Signals
85 Mirror Images
90 90 6 6 -
95 3 - Mirror Images
100 -
105 7 -
110 7 Clash of the Comrades
115 8 -
120 100 -

Adventuring Fellow Combat Styles

After your Adventuring Fellow Bond increases to 5, you can set your Adventuring Fellow to be one of three types at a Rendezvous Point.

After completing the Chameleon Capers quest, you have the opportunity to teach your fellow additional combat styles via three Tactics Manuals. In order to teach your adventuring fellow all the available combat styles, the manuals can be traded or borrowed from other players. These new combat styles have the same features as the basic styles while expanding your fellow's repertoire.

  • Soothing Healer - Heals and remedies ailments more frequently. Uses enfeebling magic more intelligently.
    • This style requires the T.M. Endurance item.
    • Healer and Soothing Healer place their partners before themselves for curing and removing ailments, but not necessarily enhancements.
  • Stalwart Shield - Same as normal "Shield", but now Cures self when under 80% HP. Has Auto Refresh.
    • This style requires the T.M. Fortitude item.
    • Stalwart Shield acts as a Paladin with a Warrior support job. Your fellow uses spells according to a Paladin's level. Also, at level 50 Stalwart Shields acquire Double Attack. Stalwart and normal Shield NPCs will also prioritize you when using Provoke.
  • To use the manual, talk to your NPC at the Rendezvous Point with it in your inventory. When you check the Rendezvous Point again, the new job is available to be selected from the job style menu. Manuals do not work if they are in your bazaar.
  • Tactics Manuals are not consumed upon use.
  • Tactics Manuals are only Rare items and can be traded to other players or sold through Bazaar.
  • Your NPC may use the manuals before you defeat the NM, even before you start the quest, provided you have sufficient bond and the manual in your inventory upon visiting a rendezvous point.
  • If your bond decreases to less than 5 (by throwing away your Signal Pearl), you will not have the option to change combat styles until your Bond reaches 5 again.

Regardless of class, your NPC uses Provoke when your HP is red.

Adventuring Fellow Level Caps

Your Adventuring Fellow starts at level 30 and cannot exceed level 50 until meeting certain requirements. As your bond and the level of your fellow grow, you will gain access to the following Adventuring Fellow level cap quests.

Obtaining the Tactics Pearl

After completing Chains of Promathia mission 1-1 The Rites of Life and obtaining 35+ Fellow Bond, you can obtain a Tactics Pearl to summon your adventuring fellow more often.

For a walkthrough, see Tactics Pearl Quest.

Adventuring Fellow Points

  • To gain access to fellow points, speak to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno (G-8) for a cutscene. You must have your Signal Pearl equipped for this cutscene. She directs you to find a man in Ru'Lude Gardens. Go to G-9 in Ru'Lude Gardens, next to the Rendezvous Point, and speak with Ajahkeem for a second cutscene. This may not trigger until some level of bond between zero and the amount required for Past Reflections is obtainedExclamation.
  • Adventuring Fellow Points are not lost when restarting with a new Adventuring Fellow. You can leave your current points, restart to get a new Fellow, and Ajahkeem will retain your points from your previous Fellow. Any previous purchases (such as extended time on the battlefield) will also be retained; however, you will be unable to make purchases for certain items (such as Tactics Manuals) until you have reached their respective quest completion requirements.
  • See the Discussion Page regarding calculation of fellow points.

Items and categories available to purchase with fellow points:

Items for player Items for fellow Items for fellow (Cont.) Modifying fellow
  • Glamorize equipment 8000
  • Deglamorize equipment 1000
  • Change equipment style 10,000
  • Increase maximum active time
    • 30,000 (First upgrade)
    • 50,000 (Second Upgrade)
    • 70,000 (Third Upgrade)
  • Increase fashion advice limit 60,000

  • Miratete's Memoirs: Instantly grants your fellow 750-1500 experience points.
  • Glamorize equipment: Changes selected armor slot to the next armor type of current line.
  • Deglamorize Equipment: Changes selected armor slot to the previous armor type of current line.
  • Change Equipment style: Changes selected armor slot to a different (selected) line of armor, keeping the current level in the new equipment line.
  • Increase maximum active time: Increases the maximum amount of time your fellow will stay with you by 10 minutes.
    • Three Increase maximum active time upgrades are available.
  • Increase fashion advice limit: Increases the armor lock options to all four slots. Does not alter headgear options.
  • Opaline Dress Set/Argent Attire: Gives your fellow the Body, Legs, and Feet of the Opaline/Argent Set. When this is set, you no longer have the option for "Fashionable Equipment" at Rendezvous Points. To restore previous gear, talk to Ajahkeem, choose "Items for my fellow" > "Equipment Sets" > "Restore Default Gear". This option appears when your fellow bond reaches the maximum levelExclamation.

Adventuring Fellow Weapons

  • As your Bond with your fellow increases, Luto Mewrilah will offer to take weapons from you and pass them along to your fellow. If she acknowledges the trade, your fellow will use that weapon from then on.
  • The type of weapon you trade determines which weapon skills your fellow can perform, attack speed, and damage. The damage/delay rating of the weapon itself is ignored.
  • Your fellow has an 'A+' rating for all weapons, and can therefore use all weapon skills available at their level.
  • You can trade a shield along with a one-handed weapon to Luto.
  • Hand-to-Hand Weapons attack twice per round if your fellow is an "Attacker" or "Fierce Attacker". Other styles can only attack once per round.
    • Your fellow will perform weapon skills more frequently with this setup. This can be useful for the Trial In Tandem quests.
  • The weapon your fellow wields does not always look like the weapon you traded. Weapons denoted by an asterisk in the following chart denote which weapon changes appearance on your fellow. The weapon in brackets is the model used.
  • You must trade Luto a weapon from tier 1 initially. To unlock further tiers, you must increase your Bond and talk to Luto until she gives the appropriate message.

Luto's chat messages for each level:

  • Level 1: PC, I have a question for you. How do you go about choosing a weapon?
  • Level 2: NPC told me he was thinking about upgrading his weapon.
  • Level 3: About NPC's weapon...I think your pal is looking for a new one again.
  • Level 4: I thought a new weapon or shield would make a nice gift in thanks for all the hard work your frrriend has done for me.
  • Level 5: PC, the weapon that NPC is using is not the one that I gave him/her...
  • Level 6: I saw NPC going into a weapon store carrying one of our gifts...
  • Level 7: There was a moogle wandering along carrying some weapons.....Oh, that reminds me, if you want to give me something for NPC, I'll be happy to do the honors.
   Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Axes Bronze Axe Brass Axe Battleaxe*

{Orcish Axe}

War Pick Mythril Axe*



{Darksteel Axe}

Mythril Pick*


Clubs Bronze Mace Bronze Hammer Willow Wand Brass Rod Bone Cudgel Bone Rod*

{Martial Wand}

Darksteel Mace*


Daggers Bronze Knife Brass Dagger Baselard Kukri Kris Bone Knife*

{Thief's Knife}

Darksteel Knife*

{Odorous Knife}

Katana Kunai Wakizashi Hibari*


Busuto Kodachi*


Sakurafubuki Kabutowari
Swords Bronze Sword Xiphos Scimitar Longsword Tuck Tulwar*

{Kaiser Sword}



Shields Lauan Shield Shell Shield Aspis Mahogany Shield Kite Shield Targe Heater Shield
Cesti Bronze Knuckles Baghnakhs Claws Katars Patas Jamadhars*


Butterfly Axe Greataxe Hydro Axe*



{Heavy Axe}


{Gigant Axe}

Heavy Axe*

{Leucos Voulge}

Hydro Cutter*

{Rune Chopper}

Uchigatana Nodachi Kanesada Ashura Hosodachi Mikazuki Kiku-Ichimonji*



{Darksteel Claymore}

Two-Handed Sword*


Inferno Sword Falx Mythril Claymore Greatsword Ram-Dao
Polearms Harpoon Bronze Spear Spear*


Lance Halberd*


Mythril Lance*

{Cermet Lance}

Scythes Bronze Zaghnal Brass Zaghnal Scythe Zaghnal Mythril Scythe Mythril Zaghnal Mandibular Sickle

{Ivory Sickle}

Staves Ash Staff Holly Staff Holly Pole Spiked Club Oak Staff*

{Monster Signa}

Oak Pole Quarterstaff*


Adventuring Fellow Equipment

  • The equipment that your Adventuring Fellow wears does not affect his or her statistics; it's only for looks.
  • As your Bond with your Adventuring Fellow increases, you will be given the option to "lock in" certain equipment that your NPC is wearing. This option appears at a Rendezvous Point under the heading "Fashionable Equipment." When you select one of the equipment options under the Fashionable Equipment submenu, you will lock in that piece of equipment so that it will not change regardless of where you choose to level.
  • Your NPC will initially ask you what he or she should keep. If you answer "none", your NPC will respond as if he or she is disappointed. This means that nothing is locked and all four pieces of armor could change. Once you choose a piece of armor to lock, then all other pieces that you did not select will still be changeable. As your bond increases, you will be able to lock more than one armor piece at a time because immediately following your choice of armor piece, your NPC will ask "What else?"; you will then be able to select from a list of the three still unlocked armor pieces to keep.
  • There are four armor locks available, three gained as your Adventuring Fellow Bond increases, and one bought with Adventuring Fellow points.

Mage Armor path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Doublet Gloves Brais Gaiters
2 Trader's Saio Trader's Cuffs Trader's Slops Trader's Pigaches
3 Seer's Tunic Seer's Mitts Seer's Slacks Seer's Pumps
4 Gambison Bracers Hose Socks
5 Wool Robe Wool Cuffs Wool Slops Chestnut Sabots
6 Holy Breastplate Cuffs Slops Ash Clogs
7 T.M. Coat T.M. Cuffs T.M. Slops T.M. Pigaches
8 Earth Doublet Silk Mitts Silk Slacks Silk Pumps
9 Austere Robe Austere Cuffs Austere Slops Austere Sabots
10 Noble's Tunic Noble's Mitts Noble's Slacks Noble's Pumps
11 Errant Houppelande Errant Cuffs Errant Slops Errant Pigaches
12 Blessed Briault Blessed Mitts Blessed Trousers Blessed Pumps

Light Armor path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Lizard Jerkin Lizard Gloves Lizard Trousers Lizard Ledelsens
2 Chainmail Chain Mittens Chain Hose Greaves
3 Coral Scale Mail C. Fing. Gauntlets Coral Cuisses Coral Greaves
4 Kenpogi Tekko Sitabaki Kyahan
5 Shade Harness Shade Mittens Shade Tights Shade Leggings
6 Banded Mail Mufflers Breeches Sollerets
7 Raptor Jerkin Raptor Gloves Raptor Trousers Raptor Ledelsens
8 Shinobi Gi Shinobi Tekko Shinobi Hakama Shinobi Kyahan
9 R.K. Chainmail R.K. Mufflers R.K. Breeches R.K. Sollerets
10 Gavial Mail G. Fing. Gauntlets Gavial Cuisses Gavial Greaves
11 Alumine Haubert Alumine Moufles Alumine Brayettes Alumine Solerets
12 Yasha Samue Yasha Tekko Yasha Hakama Yasha Sune-Ate

Heavy Armor Path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Scale Mail S. Fing. Gauntlets Scale Cuisses Scale Greaves
2 Breastplate Gauntlets Cuisses Plate Leggings
3 Mythril Breastplate Mythril Gauntlets Mythril Cuisses Mythril Leggings
4 Eisenbrust Eisenhentzes Eisendiechlings Eisenschuhs
5 Carap. Breastplate Carap. Gauntlets Iron Cuisses Iron Greaves
6 I.M. Cuirass I.M. Gauntlets I.M. Cuisses I.M. Sabatons
7 Hara-Ate Kote Haidate Sune-Ate
8 Scorp. Breastplate Scorp. Gauntlets Steel Cuisses Steel Greaves
9 Darksteel Cuirass Darksteel Gauntlets Darksteel Cuisses Darksteel Sabatons
10 Adaman Cuirass Adaman Gauntlets Adaman Cuisses Adaman Sabatons
11 Lord's Cuirass Lord's Gauntlets Lord's Cuisses Lord's Sabatons
12 Hachiman Domaru Hachiman Kote Hachiman Hakama Hachiman Sune-Ate

Freestyle Armor path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE
2 Chocobo J. Coat Fish. Gloves Vagabond's Hose Field Boots
3 Bronze Harness No armor Bronze Subligar Solea
4 Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE
5 Blue Cotehardie Chocobo Gloves Fisherman's Hose Vagabond's Boots
6 Scorpion Harness Carpenter's Gloves Zodiac Subligar No armor
7 Justaucorps Battle Bracers Battle Hose Battle Boots
8 Coral Harness Coral Mittens Coral Subligar Coral Leggings
9 Cardinal Vest Mitts Slacks Shoes
10 Demon's Harness Bronze Mittens Femina Subligar Bronze Leggings
11 Bison Jacket Bison Wristbands Bison Kecks Bison Gamashes
12 Black Trader's Saio Black Trader's Cuffs Black Trader's Slops Black Trader's Pigaches

Note: The Level 12 "Black Trader" gear looks exactly like the Trader's Saio Set except Black, and not Red.

Adventuring Fellow Headgear

As your Adventuring Fellow Bond grows stronger, you will be presented with the following headgear choices for your NPC to wear. These are for cosmetic purposes only; your NPC does not obtain the stats from these items. The headgear options are chosen at a Rendezvous Point. Which options you will get depend on the personality of your Adventuring Fellow:

Face Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Sullen ♂ Leather Bandana Iron Visor Trader's Chapeau Iron Mask Mythril Sallet Tiger Helm War Beret Austere Hat Wyvern Helm
Passionate ♂ Hachimaki Sallet Zunari Kabuto Scarlet Ribbon Trader's Chapeau Red Cap Ogre Mask Scorpion Helm Panther Mask
Calm and Collected ♂ Iron Mask Bone Mask Gavial Mask Carapace Helm Scorpion Helm Celata Alumine Salade Darksteel Armet Demon Helm
Serious ♂ Faceguard Velvet Hat Noct Beret Shade Tiara Banded Helm Black Ribbon Iron Mask Green Beret Tiger Mask
Childish ♂ Lizard Helm Blue Ribbon Noct Beret Trader's Chapeau Shinobi Hachigane Velvet Hat Coral Cap Bison Warbonnet Panther Mask
Suave ♂ Trader's Chapeau Shade Tiara Iron Mask Alumine Salade Garish Crown Crow Beret Gavial Mask Yasha Jinpachi Wyvern Helm
Sisterly ♀ Circlet Trader's Chapeau Garish Crown Silk Hat Red Cap Iron Mask Bascinet Noble's Crown Demon Helm
Lively ♀ Blue Ribbon Headgear Scarlet Ribbon Coral Cap Garish Crown Coeurl Mask Velvet Hat Shinobi Hachigane Tiger Mask
Agreeable ♀ Seer's Crown Silk Hat Circlet Noct Beret Bascinet Trader's Chapeau Headgear Crow Beret Demon Helm
Naive ♀ Green Ribbon Bronze Cap Velvet Hat Trader's Chapeau Circlet Noct Beret Tiger Helm Silk Hat Panther Mask
Serious ♀ Bronze Cap Faceguard Shade Tiara Velvet Hat Noct Beret Purple Ribbon Banded Helm Errant Hat Tiger Mask
Domineering ♀ Padded Cap Banded Helm Bone Mask Shinobi Hachigane Celata Green Beret Hachiman Jinpachi Adaman Barbuta Wyvern Helm

Increasing your fellow's stats

  • Your fellow's armor does not affect their stats and is only for visual purposes.
  • The following weapons increase your fellow's stats when equipped by you. They only need to be equipped when calling your fellow, allowing you to change your weapon and keep the effect.
    • Shinai = STR+4, DEX+4
    • Ibushi Shinai +1 = HP+10, MP+10
      • These two weapon items are obtained from the Feast of Swords event.
      • The Shinai purchased with adventuring fellow points is equipped by your fellow, and does not give these stats.
  • The following equipment (all level 70), when worn by you, increases your fellow's stats:

Fellow Access to 'Wings of the Goddess' Areas

To be able to call your fellow in the past, go to the present from the past using the Sauromugue Champaign (S) Cavernous Maw (K-9). Touch it for a cutscene with your fellow. You will appear in present-day Sauromugue Champaign and a message will alert you that you can now call your fellow in certain areas of the past. If you have already completed this with a different fellow, you do not need to repeat this process.

  • To get to the Sauromugue Champaign (S) Cavernous Maw you must travel through Garlaige Citadel (S) and take the hidden second exit back out. You don't have to open any banishing gates and it is a completely safe walk.
  • Note: If you are using the Maw in Sauromugue Champaign (S) for the first time, you will open the Maw for present-day use, but will not get the cutscene with your fellow. Head back to the past and use the Maw again for the cutscene.

Obtaining A New Adventuring Fellow

If you decide you want to change your fellow to another face type, race, sex, or size, you can restart after completing Mirror, Mirror.

Talk to Luto Mewrilah and choose "I want to quit this task" and verify you want to get rid of your current fellow. You will entirely lose your fellow and be able to complete the quests again, choosing a new fellow.

You will be required to return your Signal Pearl (and Tactics Pearl if you currently have one) to Luto to start over with a new fellow. If you have dropped your Signal Pearl you can get a new one by going to any Rendezvous Point and requesting a new one.

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