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Trust Magic

Trust spells call forth Alter Egos of NPCs.

  • You can call forth up to 3 Alter Egos at a time. In addition to this, you can also call your Adventuring Fellow.
  • These alter egos support you in battle with the strategies and tactics you've come to expect from them.
  • Trust magic can only be cast when solo and not already involved in battle.
  • Trust NPCs do not affect your experience gain.
  • Trust NPCs' levels and attributes vary based upon the summoning player’s level and/or Item Level.
  • Trust NPCs are not affected by zone potions obtained in blue caskets.
  • Trust Magic does not cause magic aggro.
  • Trust Magic cannot be cast while silenced.
  • Initiation quests for the Trust initiative are available, and you learn the first spell as you progress. Additional Alter Egos can be unlocked through completing various missions and quests.
    • Some NPCs, however, can only be obtained by trading specific items to an NPC offering the initiation quest. New Trust spells will continuously be added in future version updates.
  • Trust magic is not available in all areas or types of battle content, but may be expanded in the future.

Unlocking Trust

After attaining level 5, accept the tutorial quest by talking to one of the following NPCs:

Trust Quests

Trust Magic

Standard Alter Egos

Alter Ego Job(s) Acquisition
Trust: Naji WAR Trust: Bastok
Trust: Ayame SAM Trust: Bastok
Trust: Volker WAR Trust: Bastok
Trust: Iron Eater WAR Trust: Bastok
Trust: Excenmille PLD Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Curilla PLD Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Trion PLD/WAR Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Kupipi WHM Trust: Windurst
Trust: Nanaa Mihgo THF Trust: Windurst
Trust: Ajido-Marujido BLM/RDM Trust: Windurst
Trust: Shantotto BLM Trust: Windurst
Trust: Prishe MNK Dawn#Trust Magic and Atma Rewards
Trust: Ulmia BRD Dawn#Trust Magic and Atma Rewards
Trust: Nashmeira PUP/WHM Eternal Mercenary
Trust: Zazarg MNK Fist of the People
Trust: Gadalar BLM Embers of His Past
Trust: Ingrid WHM Speak with Rigobertine in Eastern Adoulin (I-7) after completing The Merciless One. Once the mission Beauty and the Beast is undertaken, the alter ego is locked again until the mission Glimmer of Portent is flagged.
Trust: Cherukiki WHM Speak with Taillegeas in Ru'Lude Gardens (I-7) after completing Chains and Bonds. Once the mission The Warrior's Path is undertaken, the alter ego is locked again until Promathia is defeated.

Limited Availability Alter Egos

Repeat Login Campaigns

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher
Trust: Zeid DRK Cipher: Zeid
Trust: Lion THF Cipher: Lion
Trust: Naja Salaheem MNK/WAR Cipher: Naja
Trust: Lehko Habhoka THF/BLM Cipher: Lehko
Trust: Luzaf COR/NIN Cipher: Luzaf

Alter Ego Extravaganzas

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher
Trust: Tenzen SAM Cipher: Tenzen
Trust: Mihli Aliapoh WHM Cipher: Mihli
Trust: Valaineral PLD/WAR Cipher: Valaineral
Trust: Joachim BRD/WHM Cipher: Joachim
Trust: Ovjang RDM/WHM Cipher: Ovjang
Trust: Mnejing PLD/WAR Cipher: Mnejing
Trust: Sakura GEO Cipher: Sakura

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