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Mission Name Darkness Named
Number PM3-5
Title Granted Transient Dreamer
Items Needed Gray Chip OR Carmine Chip OR Cyan Chip (one per character)
KeyItemPso'Xja Pass
Reward 1000 EXP
Access to Dreamworld Dynamis
Access to Waking Dreams quest
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Tending Aged Wounds Sheltering Doubt


Beaucedine glacier

Beaucedine Glacier Map

Pso'xja Composite

Pso'xja Composite Map

  • Go to Upper Jeuno and talk to Monberaux in the Infirmary for a cutscene.
    • At this point, it is a good idea though not necessary to go to one of the Pso'Xja towers to obtain Chips needed for a permanent key item. Anyone doing this mission needs one; the color does not matter be it (Gray Chip, Carmine Chip or a Cyan Chip).
    • One easy entrance is at (F-7) of Beaucedine Glacier. There are Diremites close to the entrance who have Gray Chips.
    • If you wish, you may drop into the hole on the right side of the map at (I-8). This drops you into a higher level area with more Diremite spawns. Be careful though as the Diremites in this section are aggressive towards high-level characters. You may want to apply Sneak before dropping into this area, as there is one Diremite spawn at the spot that you'll land.
      • There are also Dire Bats that are aggressive. The nonaggressive Snow Lizards nearby have Carmine Chips.
      • It is possible to pull Diremites up from the basement to the main floor through the small holes using magic.
    • Another easy location is on the way to Diabolos, accessed via the tower at (H-8) of Beaucedine Glacier.
  • Return to Lower Jeuno and talk to Ghebi Damomohe inside the Neptune's Spire at (I-7). Trade her your chip to receive 500 Gil and your KeyItemPso'Xja Pass.
  • Enter Pso'Xja via the tower at (H-8) of Beaucedine Glacier, just north of the Fauregandi region Outpost.
    • Sneak and Invisible are a good idea for characters at low enough level. There is one Snowball that detects spellcasting as well as by sight. In the second area only sneak is required and after that it is no longer needed.
  • To get to The Shrouded Maw, pass through smokey "walls" of different color in the following order:
    • Red
    • Black/Purple
    • Red
    • Black/Purple
  • After the last black wall, you will be in the fourth area. Use the elevator here to go to the lower level.
  • Walk forward and find a gate to the left, which your Pso'Xja Pass will open, and you will enter The Shrouded Maw where you will get a cutscene. You cannot pass through the gate or receive the cutscene without a Pso'Xja Pass.
  • When ready, examine the Memento Circle and enter the battlefield for Darkness Named. (see testimonials)
    • Buffs will wear off upon entry.
    • Experience Points are not lost from KO.
  • After you defeat Diabolos, head back to Upper Jeuno and talk to Monberaux at (G-10) to complete the mission.


  • Diabolos has approximately 6000 HP.
  • You start on a platform above the battlefield. Once someone falls down, everyone else is dragged down as well, and the battle begins.
    • The party may get Draw In by Diabolos, which will generally happen after the first person engages. If it doesn't Draw In immediately, it will do it once any player on the top ledge gets Enmity. If Draw In is used, then you may be placed in the center of the arena and Diabolos will be in front of you, or your party members may be Draw In scattered around the area. If this happens, look for the portal which will indicate the front of the battlefield, and then situate yourself on the non-dropping tiles you might have agreed upon before starting the fight.
    • If anyone should remain on the upper level after the initial Draw In, for example if a party member drops out of party after entry but before attacking Diabolos, Diabolos will continue to use Draw In repeatedly throughout the fight in vain attempt to bring the player upstairs down to his battlefield. This can create chaos as party members are repeatedly moved to and fro by repeated Draw In. The person above, being out of party, will never be pulled down but neither will Diabolos stop the attempts to bring them down.
  • The battlefield consists of 25 floor squares which may be removed by Diabolos during the fight. If you fall or are on a square that is removed, you will be eaten alive by about eight waiting and hungry Diremites.
    • If you are strong enough to withstand the Diremites' attacks long enough, you can run out of the lower arena, down a short hall and into a room, and them up some long staircases to reach a balcony above Diabolos. Re-engaging Diabolos will de-aggro all Diremites from you.
    • You can see which tiles will disappear before you drop into the arena; the tiles which will disappear have a thicker outline. The tiles will light up momentarily before they disappear though the light-up-to-drop time is extremely fast so make sure you are not on one.
    • The tile-placement may change from fight-to-fight. Due to this it falls into being dependent on individual player experiences and therefor all tile-placement reports should be placed on this wiki's Talk page for Tile-arrangements.

  • Do not forget to go talk to Monberaux after the fight.


See the Video page.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Prishe has been taken to Doctor Monberaux's clinic! What ails her fragile body and what, if anything, can save her!?

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