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This info is obsolete please update

Fragments are used in upgrading Relic Weapons from their fourth stage to the final form. They are dropped from Animated Weapon NMs in Dynamis - Xarcabard. When you first enter the Dynamis, the Animated Weapons will not drop the Fragments. You need to kill 5 groups of three NMs each before they will drop the Fragments.

Spawning the Weapons - Killing the Weapons

"Spawning" the Animated Weapons

The following is old information and no longer necessary: You will need to kill 15 NMs before the Animated Weapons will drop the Fragments. Once the NMs have been killed a message will appear stating "The prison of souls has released its captive spirits!" Now you can go after your Animated Weapon of choice. A helpful strategy can be found here.The map to the right has the 5 groups of three NMs highlighted and numbered in purple:

Group 1
Duke Berith - RDM
Count Zaebos - WAR
Marquis Decarabia - BRD
Group 2
Duke Gomory - MNK
Marquis Andras - BST
Prince Seere - WHM
Group 3
Marquis Orias - BLM
Marquis Gamygyn - NIN
Duke Scox - DRK
Group 4
Marquis Nebiros - SMN
Count Raum - THF
Marquis Sabnak - PLD
Group 5
Count Vine - SAM
Marquis Cimeries - RNG
King Zagan - DRG

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Killing the NMs

NM Loc Weaponskill Drops Weapon Type
 Animated Hammer I-10  Randgrith  Heavenly Fragment  Club
 Animated Staff G-7  Gate of Tartarus  Celestial Fragment  Staff
 Animated Longsword J-5/6  Knights of Round  Holy Fragment  Sword
 Animated Tabar F-7  Onslaught  Runaeic Fragment  Axe
 Animated Great Axe I-6  Metatron Torment  Seraphic Fragment  Great Axe
 Animated Claymore G-11  Scourge  Intricate Fragment  Great Sword
 Animated Spear H-7  Geirskogul  Stellar Fragment  Polearm
 Animated Scythe J-7/8  Catastrophe  Tenebrous Fragment  Scythe
 Animated Kunai H-7  Blade: Metsu  Demoniac Fragment  Katana
 Animated Tachi F-7  Tachi: Kaiten  Divine Fragment  Great Katana
 Animated Dagger H-9  Mercy Stroke  Ornate Fragment  Dagger
 Animated Knuckles I-5  Final Heaven  Mystic Fragment  Hand-to-Hand
 Animated Longbow D/E-7  Namas Arrow  Snarled Fragment  Bow
 Animated Gun E-8  Coronach  Ethereal Fragment  Gun
 Animated Horn I-7  N/A  Mysterial Fragment  Horn
 Animated Shield G/H-10  N/A  Supernal Fragment  Shield
  • Once the 15 NMs are defeated and event message "The prison of souls has set free its captive spirits!" has flashed by, seek out the Animated Weapon of choice. The Animated Weapons look similar to Evil Weapons, but without the actual body below - just a hovering weapon of the type and model of the final Relic Weapon.

  • When an Animated Weapon is tagged it will spawn a number of Satellite Weapons. Contrary to popular belief, these satellite weapons do not share hate w/ the Animated Weapon and are able to be pulled away. If it is needed however, they can be Lullaby'd or Slept if necessary.

  • One strategy is to be at a respectable distance, and if applicable, clear a path for a kiter down the middle of the group(if the Animated Weapon is in a tunnel for instance) so the kiter can aggro the Animated Weapon & safely run away. The Satellites will follow the kiter, and have any tank use Provoke to stop the Animated Weapon and fight it there.

  • The main problem with fighting these mobs is that they will literally get bored or upset with you and Warp away, ending the battle. At this point in time, no one has figured out a way to keep the Weapons interest that works every time. There are a couple of theories that may or may not help though (some people swear by some of these, others have found they don't work at all):

Relic Weapon Skill: Perhaps using a Relic Weapon Skill (specifically the same one the Weapon possesses) will keep its interest. Maybe you have a better chance with it if you have someone with the fully upgraded Relic Weapon use the Weapon Skill.
Light/Darkness Skillchain: Maybe doing a Light > Light, or Darkness > Darkness Skillchain will keep his interest longer.
Two-Hour: Another thought is that using your two-hour ability will help keep his interest.
Gradual Damage: Doing too much damage at once sometimes seems to upset that Weapon and make it quickly Warp away. So perhaps doing slower, more steady damage will help a bit.
  • It seems the most popular and successful strategy is to go in full force and unleash all you have on the Animated Weapon. Build up 300% TP and have a number of Black Mages nuking away. You probably want to have a group of about 40 people helping you take it down. Basically kill it before it has a chance to get bored. You can find two good discussions on strategy here and here.

  • You can Stun them, but it seems only Black Mages and Dark Knights can get Stun to land (so Chainspell Stun doesn't work). It's a very good idea to watch for his Warp animation and Stun him at that point. Weaponskills with the Added Effect: Stun, such as Flat Blade and Leg Sweep will work to stun the Animated weapons. However, these can be resisted as well so it is best to have back-up stunners. Bash type abilities, such as Shield Bash have a very high success rate at stunning, as such you can make a Shield Bash/Weapon Bash order to repeatedly stun Warp.

  • The Animated Weapons can use the Relic Weapon Skill of the type of weapon it is. This Weapon Skill has the potential to be very very damaging!

  • The Animated Weapons will drop their corresponding Fragment 100% of the time.

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