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A place used to store items that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Also known as a Gobbiebag, your inventory is identified as a spacious backpack that you carry with you while you're exploring Vana'diel.

The Gobbiebag is what you see when pressing CTRL-I on a PC or the right hand side when viewing your Mog Safe.

When you start the game you can carry a maximum of 30 items. You can upgrade this amount to 80 through a series of quests:

You can also keep items in your Mog Safe, Storage, Mog Satchel, Mog Sack, or in your Mog Locker.

Note: Upgrading your Gobbiebag will simultaneously upgrade your Mog Satchel by the same amount.

Note: Upgrading your Gobbiebag will upgrade your Mog Sack by the same amount. You must talk to the Artisan Moogle to upgrade to the correct number of slots. This is a free upgrade and you get a Scroll of Instant Warp after you upgrade.

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