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Martial Master is one of the possible Super Kupowers granted at random after all 11 Mog Tablets have been found and returned to the Explorer Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens.

While Martial Master is in effect players will benefit from an increase in the rate of battle skill ups while Signet is active. If TP is maintained at or above 100% (no weapon skills used) then increased skill ups will be seen.

  • Skillup on mobs that would normally be far out of reach to gain skills on. Example: You have a 110 Shield rating on 75THF, however you are able to gain skillups on Robber Crabs in Kuftal Tunnel up to 144 in 1.5hour using 5-6 crabs at a time.
  • Mobs close to the players level (DC->EM) who would normally give no-to-low amount of skillup. Example: Normally you see increased skillups on IT, VT, T, monsters. Now you can see some skillup on DC and EM monsters proportional to your weapon's Skill Rating.
  • The rate at which you skillup and the skillup reward is greatly heightened. Example: You skillup your Archery, Throwing, Marksmanship, and not only do you see a skillup on every 1-2 shots, you see 0.3->0.5 as the amount learned. (The lower your skill level VS the monster you are hitting will yield the higher learned number).
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