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Zone Information
Area Name Mog Garden
Type Mog House
Maps No Map
Map Acquisition N/A
Miscellaneous None
Pond Dredger

Mineral Vein
Garden Furrow
Coastal Fishing Net
Arboreal Grove

Region The Adoulin Islands
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements KeyItemPioneer's Badge
KeyItemAdventurer's Certificate
Restrictions Cannot cast spells
Cannot use abilities
Cannot use most items
Background music "Mog Resort"
Notes None

Little slices of pastoral paradise, mog gardens are parcels of land apportioned to pioneers for their service to Adoulin. They sit upon the various tiny islets that dot the Senroh Sea, but do not be deceived by their size.

Moogle caretakers dispatched from the MHMU watch over these island plots to ensure the bounty of each adventurer's sanctum, providing opportunities such as mining, logging, and fishing. All a greenhorn gardener needs do is impart the proper instructions to the moogle and all is tended to.

Mog Garden

How to enter:
Cunegonde: Eastern Adoulin (G-11)
Dangueubert: Western Adoulin (H-11)
Mog Dinghy: Port San d'Oria (I-8)
Mog Dinghy: Port Bastok (K-11)
Mog Dinghy: Port Windurst (C-8)
Mog House Exit Quests allow you to enter Mog Garden from your Mog House/Rent-a-Room

This zone exits to:
Eastern Adoulin, Western Adoulin, and the area from which the garden was entered:
via Green Thumb Moogle and Mog Dinghy

Entering Mog Garden

With Seekers of Adoulin installed

If you have installed Seekers of Adoulin, simply speak to either Cunegonde in Eastern Adoulin (G-11) or Dangueubert in Western Adoulin (H-11) after obtaining your KeyItemPioneer's Badge and select "Send me to my Mog Garden."

Without Seekers of Adoulin installed/alternate entry

If you have obtained an KeyItemAdventurer's Certificate by achieving Rank 3 in your current nation, you can use the Mog dinghies located in the following locations to enter Mog Garden:

Inviting Others

Party members can only enter another's Mog Garden from Eastern Adoulin and Western Adoulin once the player selects "Open Mog" from the "View House" menu given by the Green Thumb Moogle

Involved in Quests

Quest Type Starter Location
Full Fields General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Green Groves General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Mining Missive General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Pond Probing General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Coastal Chaos General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Seed Sowing General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Flotsam Finding General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Courtesy Crustacean General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Trinket for the Tyrant General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
Hypnotic Hospitality General Green Thumb Moogle    Mog Garden
F.A.I.L.ure is Not an Option General Clautaire    Western Adoulin (I-12)
Kit Empathizer Mog Garden Assistant Pond Dredger    Mog Garden
Jingly Dangler Mog Garden Assistant Coastal Fishing Net    Mog Garden
Mole Manipulator Mog Garden Assistant Garden Furrow    Mog Garden

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Green Thumb Moogle N/A Moogle
Crabauble N/A Unknown
Kuyin Hathdenna N/A Garden Assistant
Porter Moogle N/A Item Storage
Susuroon N/A Garden Assistant
Yeestog N/A Garden Assistant

Hobby Hot Spots

Garden Furrow
Arboreal Grove
Mineral Vein
Pond Dredger
Coastal Fishing Net

  • It is also possible to fish with a rod at the ocean and the pond.
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