Yorcia Weald (U)

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Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Yorcia Weald (U)
Type Dungeon
Maps Yorcia Weald (U)/Maps
Map Acquisition SkirmishExclamation
Region East Ulbuka Territory
Expansion Seekers of Adoulin
Requirements KeyItemAdoulinian charter permit
Level 96+
3-6 party members
Leader must possess KeyItemYorcia simulacrum
Restrictions Time limit
Background music
Notes None

Located in an "Otherwordly" version of Vana'diel, Yorcia Weald [U] is a parallel version of Yorcia Weald in which Skirmishes take place.

Yorcia skirmishes are entered by having the party leader use a KeyItemYorcia simulacrum (assembled from three Simulacrum Segments including a Yorcia Visage) at the Augural Conveyor located in Yorcia Weald at (I-10). All players in the party are immediately transported to the Skirmish area once entry has been confirmed by the party leader.

Yorcia Weald U

This zone is entered via Augural Conveyor at (I-10) in Yorcia Weald

This zone exits to Yorcia Weald by using the temporary item Farewell Fly

Yorcia Weald Skirmishes

There are five Skirmishes that occur within Yorcia Weald [U], dependent on the tier of Faithful's Torso used in assembling the simulacrum. Each Skirmish begins at the same locationExclamation on the overall map, but takes place on progressively larger versions of the mapExclamation.

Faithful's Torso Tier/Objective Requirements (NMs Defeated)

Time Limit 30 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes
Primary Objective 15 minutes Information Information Information Information
Secondary Objective 25 minutes Information Information Information Information

NPCs Found here

Name Location Type
Cantonment N/A Battle NPC
Stockade N/A Battle NPC

Notorious Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
Flustered Funguar
Qmark None Funguars
Frothing Snapweed
Qmark None Snapweeds
Inflamed Flytrap
Qmark None Flytraps
Mulcher Beetle
Qmark None Beetles
Unblinking Panopt
Qmark None Panopts
Windblown Treant
Qmark None Treants
Woodlot Luckybug
Qmark None Ladybugs
Dithering Heartwing
Qmark None Heartwings
Feverish Ameretat
Qmark None Morbols Faithful's Torso II map and above
Sly Opo-opo
Qmark None Opo-opo Faithful's Torso IIExclamation map and above
Highhop Lapinion
Qmark None Rabbits Faithful's Torso IIExclamation map and above

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